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Soooo long away o.o;

Hello there,

Long time no entry, been busy with my life and relationship ;x.
Okay where to start, I'm now in a stable relationship (i hope).. Life at home are getting better..and now I have better friends.
I'm now in a great part of my life.. All I can ask for is it to stay that way..
I have been arguing with John but we've sorted it out...

Met up with Rachel today, shes having a baby and is going to give birth the day after John and the others come here...what a small world xD;

Talk soon 

Lir x

Love :
Either way, I'll love you. 

I'd let you go back to them if you were struggling. But if they'd treat you like shit because of it, I'd lock you in the cupboard and forbid you to go back. :$





Today has been the worst day in history, friendships have fallen in this little town I know as home.
Things are truely becoming unbearable as i have the need to hold John, it hurts to know its another 3/4 months maybe more till i get to feel him holding me too, Jason #1 is annoyed with Chelsey and are really badly argueing, Jason #2 is being really weird and horrible to me, I hope things can work out, Family life sucks competely, It feels like i've gone years without drinking a PROPER drink ;.; 
I need Irn bru or Vimto or Relentless or even just a smoothie? 
Today I bought some stuff I needed though it was pretty expensive, like how can Vaseline and some Face wash cost almost 5 pounds? ;l
I have an idea to buy myself cosmetics and skin care shizzle, and ALSO use my sister's HIM bag as she never does ;/ waste i tell ya!

"I’m going crazy
Just thinking about the way
I’ve missed you lately

So Far Away, so far away
I miss your voice, I miss your taste
My chest feels hollow
Another time, another place
And I can’t let go"

 ~ <3


The enjoyment of July 27th

Today was great, though the weather let us down. The morning started well, I texted John a bit but my credit went. Jason knocked with Jason (theres two Jasons now!) and we all hanged around some park not far from my house, me and Jason (Coconut guy not perverted tall Jason) had a lovely hug, he's becoming one of my closest friends, I really trust him, he reminds me of Ritsuka
We have just took in a new furry friend 'pepper' the hamster my 3 year old cousins pet, obviously named after pepper pig the cartoon character she loves so much.
The hamster is an orangy color and looks very healthy and is pretty for a hamster, I myself prefer rats.
Well seeing as the weekend is starting, i feel like i should celebrate the fact i still breathe, though I do not have any alcohol. Its strange how things are ruined by your parents :\ 


Been a long time since I actually wrote in this, lots has been going on and its hard to talk about. Well other then that I have found myself having an obsession with Chinese fashion except the bounded feet. Its so graceful and beatutiful. The women have such great manners its so beautiful, I love the way they smile and sing.
I know its a short entry just needing to get my mood up a bit~

Love Lirael

Day out with Jason and Chii

Today was the most boringest day of my life, Laying in a field with my sister flirting her ass off and stroking Jason is not what i want to do ;l,
Still, I got to text John even if he was slightly drunk, why i do not know, just bugs me alot to know the person i love is getting drunk >( Though i guess i'm not one to talk due to my confessed alcoholism, I wonder if he's ever been bugged by me drinking tons >(
Well, today all in all has been really annoying i haven't ate much, I've been ill and wished i could have gone home earlier you know?

Bah, Tomorrow I hope Nina and Amy are in TOTALLY!

Last entry of today..

Well as the title says this is my last entry for today and this is what i'd be doing everyday one in the morning/day and one before i go to bed.
Niels was on webcam today and it showed me how BIG his hands are o-o. I have weird obsessions at looking at peoples hands i know ;o
John has lovely hands ^_^ kinda smallish compared to the hand i've seen probably bigger then mine though >( I love small hands on guys its just sooo cute you just want to play with their hands. At the moment i'm texting my one true love aka Johnur P; and he's making me smile everytime my stupid ringtone goes off. I  look so demented right now. Well today making this journal was a great decision to make as I need to get my feelings out in the open.
I'm bored right now as you can tell I cant seem to upload pics properly as i uploaded some that went missing ¬_¬ and I'm so fucking tired I can't think about much except sleep.

Peace out 

Lir ~

 ~ My awesome boyfriend <33

Writer's Block: A Last Day Well Spent

If you knew it was your last day on earth, how would you spend the time?
Ah this isn't a hard question, I would go to Scotland and hold John as that is the thing I live for anyways. 
That sounded so lame but meh P;


Writer's Block: The Kindness of Strangers

What's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
Well, you dont meet many nice strangers in the South east of England. Though there was this one time when I was like 7 I think... 7 years ago now, well she gave me like 10p to buy sweets with as I had accidently bumped into her and was shy and said 'S..sorry ma'am' and made her laugh at me, kind of nice?


Writer's Block: Favorite Lyrics

What song lyrics would you love to have written, and why?
Well, I would have to say 'Blind' by Placebo as its a really intellegent song in the way of sparking inspiration of photography, art, poems and anything creative.

New here but meh! I hope I stick to this.

Hello! If anyone actually reads this I hope they learn a little bit about me. It sure makes me feel better to actually have someone to tell my secrets, Though I know I'm talking to myself here.
If you couldnt be bothered to read my 'about me' (though I dont think I posted it properly) you'll know a bit about me.
I am called Lirael or Lir or Lir-i depends on how well you know me, I have purple hair and brown eyes last time I looked, I'm classed 'emo' but I hate that sort of judgement, I am taken and Bi sexual so I dont want any Homophobic comments made near/to me.
Yes, I said I was taken and his name is John, He's the most amazing person I have met he makes me so nervous when talking to him all I can do is stutter but I dont think he minds in any way.

I have friends, they are better then yours...end of.

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